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Portfolio Strategy

At Investing Across Borders, we believe that portfolios should be based on a long-term approach to strategic investing, and not be limited to any particular asset class or investment vehicle. We are NOT investment advisors, and when we write about specific investment opportunities the information we provide should be just part of an investor’s research. We believe in the power of information and independent analysis as the basis for investment portfolios, and encourage our readers to seek as much information as possible before making their own investment decisions.

We believe most investors are ill-served when they confine themselves to particular regions of the world, narrow time frames, or limited asset classes. Our analysts are free to seek out opportunities and to identify trends where they see them. We want the research we provide to help investors be more thoughtful and careful about their long-term investment portfolios. To give an example, how can investors allocate investments in a country without thinking about how that country’s assets, trade balance and overall economy all relate to one another? Likewise, how can investors pick securities or sectors without taking into account how consumer spending is expected to change, or how politics, foreign investments and currency relate to each other, both now and in the future? What patterns or trends exist—real or potential–that can be identified now?

The articles below were selected from across the Web to help investors build investment portfolios by learning about asset selection, investment vehicles, and personal finance. We hope they will be of use as you build and expand your portfolio strategy..