Investing Across Borders is known for its unbiased, team-based economic and investment research and analysis. Unlike other firms, we are just what our name says: we seek out data and research on a global scale. While other firms may focus on fundamental or technical factors, we focus on the long-term macroeconomic trends and patterns that shape the markets. Using history as a guide, our analysts examine multiple sources of data – from domestic and foreign providers. We use that data to form the basis of forecasts and trends that we see as potentially changing economies and markets in the future. As a result, we help our clients understand where to put their money. We seek not to be the sole provider of research, but to be used as a complimentary tool when shaping portfolio strategies and corporate decision-making.

Custom Research

Our locally based research teams work with you to design the deliverables and fact sets that are at the core of our research. Our research is delivered to clients in many formats: charts, graphs, text, spreadsheets — whatever we need to make the point and ensure understanding. Our clients have included investment banks, law firms, mutual funds, equity research departments, brick-and-mortar companies, universities, banks, insurance firms and brokers, financial planners or registered investment advisors.